Regarding The Past Smile

by Tell The Wall

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This album is about my life in these past couple of months. Each song represents a different period and event in that time. This album is for letting go.
Thank you


released May 1, 2016

All songs by Max Trainor except Do You Know What It Means? which was originally performed by Louis Armstrong and Savana Sabertooth which is an OH!hello song. I love both of these songs and highly recommend you check them out.



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Tell The Wall Westfield, Indiana

Tell The Wall is the name I give my music. My name is Max Trainor and I hope you like it

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Track Name: Yellow Leaf Trees
Went to the show
Expected a good time
Then he told me he owed you a ride
He said I'm sorry
I told him don't worry
I'll be fine
You said you liked my album
You said
You listen often
I said my thanks
I went back to studying the cracks
In the cement were I was standing next to my
Greatest mistake
While he went to pull the car around
And I remember those eyes
Like, just like the old times
There's a way you set your jaw
There's a way you make me smolder
Like I've been on fire for the past three years
And no I'm not angry
I, well
I might just be
Because the yellow leaf trees
They make me sad
And the red ones make me
One fall ago, two hearts ago, a year ago, you made me
Track Name: The Dark Month
No I don't dream
I don't dream
I just think about how much I don't wanna be me
I need some sleep
I need some sleep
But I'll just think in a dizzy haze till the morning
And you were there
to see how far I fell
We all end up in our own personal hell
I will lay
in the bed I make
Till the drugs kick in
Or until after I wake
If I wake

On code oxy
I will lean
I find my crutches and I cherish them more than anything
More than anything
And you know me
And I know you
That's why you had to go
that's why i never showed
I know I got it good
I shouldn't complain
But I think there's something wrong
With the fundamental make up of my brain
Of my brain

I'm not crazy
It's what the tests say
Addictive personality
That's what he said
And I'm not crazy
It's hard to tell
Addictive personalty
How far I fell

(You were so afraid
of getting in and getting thin
You were so afraid
of fitting in and getting thin
We're getting older and you know it
We're getting older and I know it
But you were so afraid)
Track Name: Obligatory High School Strife Song/Prom
Dances make me nervous I don't know why
I always go and have a great time
But the months leading up make me feel so dry

Maybe if I said I'm sorry, but then again no
The fifth time in a row
Makes you take me not so

Cause I do deserve it
Curses on curses
When you're not picking up the phone
I don't want to be alone
I need someone to go to prom

I hate prom
Track Name: Billie Holiday
Sleep don't bother me
I know these people aren't happy
And yes I know
We're all the same
We all take the little death at the end of the day
So sleep don't take me
There's so much I need to be doing
And I know
When I wake
It all still be the same shade of grey
So sleep don't tell me
How I'm supposed to be feeling
Yes I know
You've felt the same
At least 100 different times a day

And I hear the people say
It has to be this way
How oh how can they say
They've seen they're darkest day

So rest and do your best
To forget all the things you did
And I know
We both hate the way I uncommonly break
So rest with your poisonous best
Where you left and collect all my common sense
In that bottle
That wasn't for me
But it made you and I happy

I hear the people say
You have to be this way
But where oh where were they
On this my darkest day